Steel Safe Box

by Nova

Steel Safe BoxSteel Safe BoxSteel Safe BoxSteel Safe BoxSteel Safe BoxSteel Safe BoxSteel Safe Box
This steel safe box 3d model contains all materials and texture seen on the preview images.

Geometry is composed of quads and triangles only and care is been taken to create a good looking model while keeping the polygon count as low as possible.

A normal map was used on the dial lock.
High resolution textures maps were used with resolution of 2048x2048. The scratches texture included on the scene is 512x512.

To simplify animation, a rig has been setup to control all the parts of the model that can be animated. Opening the door, turning the dial lock, and handles is all done by dragging sliders which can be keyframed at any time.

Rig is only available on the Cinema4D version of the file.
Material adjustment may be required when importing the FBX or OBJ version of the file.

Cinema4D 11, 12, 13 users may need to to adjust lighting since the renderer on those version of Cinema4D have been modified.
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  • Published onSat May 19 2012
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Available Formats

  • Cinema4D 10.0
    12.5 M.
  • FBX 6.0
    12.6 M.
  • OBJ 1.0
    12.5 M.

Technical Details

    • scale units
    • polygons
    • points
    • materials
    • textures
    • uv
    • rig
    • animated
    • 3D printable
    • Renderer


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