Grim Reaper

by Nova

Grim ReaperGrim ReaperGrim ReaperGrim ReaperGrim ReaperGrim ReaperGrim ReaperGrim ReaperGrim Reaper
Character of angel death.

The character is composed of a human fairly detail human skeleton and a two layer tunic and a snath.
it does not include lower extremities since they did not add any visual value to the character.

Skeleton Rig
the character has been rigged with simple ik chains to be able to position the arms.
The hands can open/close, the head can be turned in all directions and the jaw open/close thanks to a XPresso rig.

Tunic Rig
Cloth tags were used on the two layes tunic to create a more dynamic loooking clothes, and
belt tags were used to constrain the clothes to the skull, arms, and chest.

Snath Rig
The Snath is contrain to the right hand and aimed at a target null object "snath_target" to facilitate positioning.

Cloth Forces
Adjust the wind force under the forces tab to change the way cloth animates, note that the higher the forces the more likely cloth penetration will occur.

Visual Selector
All the parts of the rig can easily be accessible through the visual selector tag found on the Grim character root.

Since the cloth is animated using dynamics the character animation must start on the T pose.

Is also recommended to turn off the cloth tags when animating or posing the character for better performance.
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  • Published on Sat Aug 11 2012
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Available Formats

  • Cinema4D R10
    29.6 M.

Technical Details

    • scale units
    • polygons
    • points
    • materials
    • textures
    • uv
    • rig
    • animated
    • 3D printable
    • Renderer